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Reiki 1 - Learn to Self Care



Reiki Level 1 focuses on understanding what your body needs and being able to identify when you feel off-balanced so you can take action to bring yourself back into harmony.  This class is a 4-hour workshop

 Contact Reiki Center for details at (310) 375-355 or   

 The workshop includes lecture, manual, hands-on training, and certificate.                                                                                                    




Reiki Level 2 - Help to Care for Others


Take your reiki gifts to the next level.  Learn to share this relaxation technique from Japan with family, friends, and colleagues. This class is 8 hours and will include lectures, understanding the Reiki Symbols, intensive hands-on training, additional written materials and certificate of completion at the Reiki Practitioner level.



This workshop includes lecture, manual, hands-on training, and certificate. Contact center of upcoming dates and times. 



Other Classes:

Pal Dan Gum -  Qi Gong from Korea

Meditation - from India

Tai Chi Dance - a modified version of the ancient art of movement                                    from China.

Mindfulness - finding calm amidst the chaos.  Worldwide








Dates to be announced.  Package deals availabe for persons taking more than one class. Check with instructor. 

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