Reiki 1 - Learn to Self Care



Reiki Level 1 focuses on understanding the energy flow of your own body and to be able to identify when you feel off-balanced so you can take action to bring yourself back into harmony.  This class is a 5 hour workshop (1 hour break for lunch).  Contact Reiki Center for details at (310) 375-355 or

to reach instructor directly (310) 251-9070.


Cost is $195.  Deposit of $75 required to hold your spot.$12o balance due day of class.  Workshop includes lecture, manual, hands-on-training and certificate.

check, and/or cash accepted.


Reiki Level 2 - Help to Care for Others



Take your reiki gifts to the next level.  Learn to share this relaxation technique from Japan with family, friends, and colleagues. This class will include lectures, understanding the Reiki Symbols, intensive hands-on-training, additional written material,s and certificate of completion at the Reiki Practitioner level.


Cost $295  Deposit of $125 required to hold your spot.  Balance of $170 due day of

class.  Payment method accepted see Reiki above.  The time is 10 am to 6 pm.  Contact Reiki Center for more details. 





























Customized Corporate Workshops

Quick and simple stress management methods to help create a Healthy, Productive, and Happy workplace.   We travel to your office or business event to provide relaxation services to your team. 


Coined by Lucia Johnson, the HPH Factor TM inspired by a study in 2006 from the Harvard Medical Review in which it was found that happy employees were more productive and absent less often from their jobs

Working in partnership with your Human Resources division we customize the perfect program for your company.. 

Contact the office for information on how to schedule our group for your next team building event, business expo, or staff retreat.

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