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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a relaxation technique that originated in Japan.  Known as the Usui Sysem of Natural Healing, this method of stress management allows the body to return to balance.
Reiki is a form of  light touch therapy.   A Reiki Professional places hands gently on or slightly above the body. 
Reiki helps to keep the energy of the body flowing for optimal health.  It is a complimentary healthcare practice that works well in partnership with western medicine.
Similar to a meditative or yoga routine, used on a regular basis, reiki can be effective in keeping the body and mind in harmony and provide peace to the spirit. The result is a refreshing state of being.
This healing energy travels through clothing, casts, bandages, and blankets.  During a session the client is fully dressed and reclining in a relaxed position.
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